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How to apply for the local Driving License


A Chinese Local Driving License can be got either by attending a local driver's training school and passing the examinations, or by applying in the same Chinese city where your Residence Permit is issued, providing you have already held a driving license from another country.

The application procedures are:

1. Translation of the passport and the foreign driving license: 

    (1) Files needed: original passport and driving license;
    (2) What to be translated: the first page of the passport with your photo, and the front &    back page of the foreign driving license. AT(Automatic Transmission) or MT(Manual Transmission) shall be indicated;
    (3) Requirement: to be translated and chopped by an authorized translation company;
    (4) Time needed: one day;
    (5) Translation company for reference: 

Tianjin Tianwai Translation Co., Ltd.
tiān jīn shì tiān wài fān yì yǒu xiàn gōng sī

Add: 5th Floor, Garments Import-Export Building, No. 1, Youyi Rd., Hexi Dist.
         hé xī qū yǒu yì lù 1 hào wài mào fú zhuāng jìn chū kǒu dà lóu 5 lóu
Tel: 23240847
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:30
Fare for reference: no more than RMB200/set

2. Physical examination: 
    (1) Files needed: the original passport, a one-inch color photo with white background;
    (2) Examination contents: height, weight, eyesight, etc. (no special requirement);
    (3) Time needed: around 10 minutes and the report is immediately available;
    (4) Such examination can be done at any local hospital. 

3. Application at Tianjin TMB Vehicle Administration Office: 
    (1) Where to apply:
Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau Vehicle Administration Office
tiān jīn shì gōng ān jiāo tōng guǎn lǐ jú chē liàng guǎn lǐ suǒ

Add: Near the cross of Zhenli Rd. and Jingjiang Rd., Hebei Dist.
        hé běi qū zhēn lǐ dào yǔ jìng jiāng lù jiāo kǒu fù jìn
Tel: 24559000, 26025575
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:00

    (2)  Files needed:
          - One set of translation files listed in Clause 1;
          - The physical examination report listed in Clause 2;
          - Original and copied files of:
            .the Driving License
            .the passport front cover page
            .the visa entrance chop page
            .the Resident Permit
            .the Residence Registration Card
            .five one-inch color photos with white background (There is a photo taking service on site charging RMB25/set.)
          - Local Driving License Application Form (can be obtained at the white house next to the License Application Hall inside the Administration Office); 
    (3)  To show all the files at the reception window in the License Application Hall;
    (4) To pay the driving license examination fee RMB70 at the reception window after the application is accepted.

4. Making appointment for the examination:
   Rm. 206, Subject One Examination Building
   kē mù kǎo shì (yī) dà lóu 206 shì

   Tel: 26020087

5. Taking the examination:
    (1) Tuesday and Friday are examination days;
    (2) To fulfill the examination (in English, German, French and Spanish) on a computer within 45 minutes: 100 questions in total.  Scores above 90 are qualified;
    (3) If qualified, to submit the examination report card and all the files listed in Clause3.(2) at the reception window in the License Application Hall;
    (4) If failed, another appointment shall be made and a new examination shall be taken until being alified. 

6. To collect the local driving license:
    (1) To fetch the local driving license with the Collecting Notice (no need to come in person);
    (2) Fee: RMB10;
    (3) Time needed: one day.  If the examination is passed, the license can be issued immediately.