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How to apply for the Dog Registration Certificate


As stipulated in the law of the People’s Republic of China on the Entry-Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine, each expat is allowed to bring one dog when entering China. The dog bearer shall provide a valid immunization record file and a valid vaccination certificate issued by an official animal quarantine agency of the region or the country where the dog comes from.

Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Institution shall examine the dog at the Customs. The dog that can pass the examination shall be kept in quarantine for 30 days at an appointed place.

A dog keeper shall apply for an annual Dog Registration Certificate and have it renewed each year. The following documents are needed:

1. Dog Registration Form
2. Dog immunization record file
3. Passport of the dog keeper
4. Proof of an independent accommodation, such as a lease agreement
5. 3 pieces of 2-inch colour photographs of the dog

The following departments are in charge of registrations for dogs:

No. 9 Branch, Security Administration Division, Tianjin Public Security Bureau
tiān jīn shì gōng ān jú zhì ān guǎn lǐ zǒng duì jiǔ zhī duì

Add: No. 77, Zijinshan Rd., Hexi Dist.
         hé xī qū zǐ jīn shān lù 77 hào
Tel: 88292269
Prior reservation required.